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Ammie Lords
Ammie Lords is the head trainer and owners/runs the facility along with her husband Shawn Lords.  She has a BS degree in Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary and over 40 years of horse experience that includes training, showing, and giving lessons. She has her USDF Bronze and Silver in Dressage. Ammie has the knowledge from her college degree and her experience working at veterinary hospitals to help recognize and handle medical issues and emergencies. She works with riders of all ages and levels specializing in English disciplines emphasizing Dressage.
Clarissa Taggart
Clarissa is our assistant barn manager and assistant trainer/instructor. She has been working and teaching at Southern Belle Riding since 2017. Clarissa started riding in 2004 and has competed in Hunt Seat Equitation before transitioning over to Eventing.  She teaches beginner/intermediate dressage and jumping to both children and adults.  She is the proud mama of our lesson horse Mac. Clarissa got her degree in Psychology in 2020 and hopes to earn her PATH certification to use Equine Therapy to help Veterans with PTSD as well as others struggling with addiction and trauma disorders. She hopes to someday own and run her own teaching/therapy facility with the help of her husband DJ.
Kim Duffin
Kim is one of our apprentice trainer/intructor and has been with us since 2018.She has been riding since 2015 and enjoys going trail riding and riding dressage. She teaches beginner riding as well as low level jumping and dressage to children and adults. She specializes in our youngest riders. In the future, Kim would eventually like to be an independent trainer or an extreme back country trail guide.  She owns a 2012 Percheron/Quarter Horse named Braveheart who she is hoping to compete in Dressage.
Our Professional Services Team
(these are the people we use for our own horses and have found them to be well priced and provide great service)
Primary Veterinarian: Dr. Morgan Freeman (801) 652-3022
Veterinary Hospital: South Valley (801) 254-2333 and Mountain Point Equine (801) 446-3046
Soundness/Chiropractic: Mountain Point Equine (801) 446-3046
You are welcome to use your own professionals for these services if you would prefer.
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