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Lesson Horses
Luna (Over the Moon)
Luna is a 2005 14.3 hand small horse. She is a great horse for the very beginner all the way up to advanced riding. She has a very smooth way of moving and is uncomplicated.
Rosie (Briar Rose)
Rosie is a 2010 14 hand medium pony.  She can be ridden bybeginners on up. She has a sweet personality and loves attention. She can do both flat work and jumping.
Smokey (Mr. Dippen Dots) 
Smokey is a 2004 14.1 hand POA.  He is a great horse for an intermediate rider. He is a very easy jumper with a forward drive.
smokey fan.JPG
Ella (Black Tie Affair)
Ella is a 2010 14.1 hand medium/large pony.  She is a great horse for an intermediate rider wanting to move up. She loves to work and has lots of go. Fun for dressage and jumping.
Renny (Renoir)
Renny is a 2004 15.1 hand Mustang cross.  He is a great horse for an intermediate rider. He makes you sit up and ride to the jump and through the dressage test. He will teach you how to use your reins and ride more balanced in your body and your hands.
Mac (Mister Mack Balou)
Mac is a 2006 15.3 Appaloosa.  He is a fun horse for beginners to walk/trot or for intermediate riders to walk, trot, canter, and jump. He is also a great trail horse.
Donte (Donte's Inferno)
Donte is a 2011 16.1 OTTB.  He is a great horse for an intermediate rider wanting to move up. He has phenomenal suspension for dressage and a huge jump.  He is a calm guy for an ex-race horse and is a lovely horse to ride and work with.
Lucy (I Love Lucy)
Lucy is a 2013 15.3 hand Percheron cross mare.  She has a smooth canter and trot. She is an intermediate horse as she can be pushy and stubborn.

Vinny (Vincent van Gosh)
Vinny is a 13.2 hand 2018 BLM mustang. He loves to jump and is a kick ride horse learning the ropes of being a lesson horse. Not sure how this guy ever could have been a wild horse. 
Poppy is a 2018 OTTB mare. She has lots of energy and enthusiasm. Currently requiring an experienced rider as she is settling into her life post racing around the track.

Fitz (Fit for Duty)
Fitz is a 16.2 hand OTTB. He is a kick ride but can move out nice when he gets going.  Not the most confident horse and gets his confidence from his rider. 

Ammie's Personal Horses
Katie (Her Royal Dutchess)
Katie is a 2008 16.2 hand American Warmblood out of Legend (Dutch Warmblood).  She has competed in eventing and jumping competitions and is a very strong and intense horse. She is a very technical ride and has retired from showing to live her best life as a fun ride and surgent mare.
Dimora is a 2008 16 hand KWPN mare. She is an amazing lady and has shown through Grand Prix in dressage. 
Kami (BA Kamarade)
Donte is a 2009 14.3 hand Egyptian Arabian.  She has a heart of gold and all the try in the world.  Shown through 4th level and has helped several people get their USDF Bronze medal. 
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