Lesson Horses
Luna (Over the Moon)
Luna is a 2005 14.3 hand small horse. She is a great horse for the very beginner all the way up to advanced riding. She has a very smooth way of moving and is uncomplicated.
Rosie (Briar Rose)
Rosie is a 2010 14 hand medium pony.  She can be ridden bybeginners on up. She has a sweet personality and loves attention. She can do both flat work and jumping.
Smokey (Mr. Dippen Dots) 
Smokey is a 2004 14.1 hand POA.  He is a great horse for an intermediate rider. He is a very easy jumper with a forward drive.
smokey fan.JPG
Ella (Black Tie Affair)
Ella is a 2010 14.1 hand medium/large pony.  She is a great horse for an intermediate rider wanting to move up. She loves to work and has lots of go. Fun for dressage and jumping.
Renny (Renoir)
Renny is a 2004 15.1 hand Mustang cross.  He is a great horse for an intermediate rider. He makes you sit up and ride to the jump and through the dressage test. He will teach you how to use your reins and ride more balanced in your body and your hands.
Mac (Mister Mack Balou)
Mac is a 2006 15.3 Appaloosa.  He is a fun horse for beginners to walk/trot or for intermediate riders to walk, trot, canter, and jump. He is also a great trail horse.
Donte (Donte's Inferno)
Donte is a 2011 16.1 OTTB.  He is a great horse for an intermediate rider wanting to move up. He has phenomenal suspension for dressage and a huge jump.  He is a calm guy for an ex-race horse and is a lovely horse to ride and work with.
Tucker is a 2004 14 hand medium POA pony.  He has the smoothest canter and the perfect guy to segway from beginner to intermediate.He is super cute and has a great jump and a big heart.
KT is a 2006 15.2 hand grade quarter horse.  She is a good horse to learn to ride on. She is calm and reliable.  She started her life as a trail horse and started her new life as a lesson horse in 2019.
Graice (Star Gazer) 
Gracie is a 2012 15.3 hand paint/thoroughbred cross. She LOVES to jump and is very high energy with a strong drive to work. She requires a soft hand with a strong core and light seat. Only advanced students can ride her at this time.
Ammie's Personal Horses
Katie (Her Royal Dutchess)
Katie is a 2008 16.2 hand American Warmblood out of Legend (Dutch Warmblood).  She has competed in eventing and jumping competitions and is a very strong and intense horse. If you can package her energy and direct it she can really take you far.
Dominic (Absent Minded Professor)
Dom is a 2011 16.2 hand Warmblood cross.  He is a blast to ride and has the most unique personality. Great jump and natural carrage just needs help with his attention span.